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I am a Joy teacher, meaning I help people increase their Joy. Specifically, I help people become aware of their Negative Loop and focus their attention on The Joy Exercise. 


The Negative Loop is the feedback loop of The Negative Talker (Automatic Negative Thought), Tension (an energy pressure in the body), and Impulsive Action (any action designed to increase Tension or Physical Pain). So, once you have Tension in your body, your Negative Talker comes alive, which increases Tension, which makes you perform an Impulsive Action, which of course, increases both Tension and The Negative Talker. 

The Joy Exercise is observing your Negative Loop and keeping your attention on Neutrality (a nonjudgemental focal point) or Positivity (a totally loving focal point). Some forms of Neutrality and Positivity include, Acceptance, Appreciation, Focusing on what you're doing, Kindness, Body Attention, The Breathe.etc. There are an infinite amount of Neutral or Positive focal points you can pay attention to. Focusing on Neutrality or Positivity expands Joy, the opposite of Tension, which I define as a feeling of lightness in the body.

Right now, I am doing one on one sessions and topics I can help you with include but are not limited to (1) controlling your Negative Loop, (2) developing a Joyful relationship with food, (3) developing a Joyful relationship with your body, (4) developing a Joyful relationship with school or your career, (5) developing a Joyful relationship with money, (6) developing a Joyful relationship with other people such as friends, significant others, parents, children, and more!

If you are interested in a private session text me at 508-769-7139. Check out my Youtube Channel and spread the word if the content connects with you. My purpose is to help as many people as possible become Joyful.

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